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The Tgolf equipment consists of a modified club, elevated tee and headcover. It is priced at $149.99 (shipping included). The 24 inch club consists of a “modified” traditional looking clubhead with a steel golf shaft, standard golf grip (training grips may be used). The club may be serviced (lengthened or shortened) just like conventional golf equipment. The “telescoping tee” is lightweight and made of aluminum. The base stand of the tee weighs 2 pounds and may be used on all surfaces. The equipment’s portability and versatility allow it to be used at traditional and non-traditional golf venues such as: golf courses, driving ranges, schools, parks, playgrounds, VA hospitals and everywhere else with many ball types. Golf is now a neighborhood game!

The website complements the equipment with video and text lessons. The equipment and lesson combine to create a fun and fundamentally sound platform to teach, learn and maintain the golf swing. The lessons are easy to understand, fundamentally sound and straightforward. They are designed to quickly and simply instruct the user in the proper motions of the golf swing. In fact, the baseline lesson using the Tgolf equipment has stunned industry experts. Please watch the videos and you’ll see why.

To learn more about how Tgolf can help your game, visit the site sections tailored to BeginnersExperienced Golfers and Teaching Pros. Also, don’t miss the tab outlining the “How and Why Tgolf Works”.

Golfers and golf instructors of all abilities who are looking to improve their swing and performance will find great success using Tgolf.

Maintaining the Tgolf Equipment

The Tgolf club may be serviced just like a conventional golf club. It may be lengthened or shortened. You can also replace the conventional grip with a “preformed” grip to help the player. The telescoping tee is very durable. There is a chance that the “hinge” will come loose from the aluminum tube over time. You simply use “Gorilla Glue” 2000 psi (or some other equivalent) and reattach it. It’s simple. The “Rubber Tee Tips” are actually a very durable PVC extrusion. Should the tip wear out after extended use you may simply cut the butt end off of a grip and replace it. This equipment is not indestructible. Over time the club may need a new grip or shaft. After extended use the tee will need to be replaced.

!!! Safety First !!!

A Simple 4-Step Lesson for Beginners

1. Set up Tgolf without the ball and take a short backswing with follow-through and brush the tee tip.

Set up the telescoping tee (without a ball) and have the player brush the tee tip with a short backswing and short follow-through 5 times. Place a ball on the tee and have the player take a short backswing and a short follow-through. The player should hit the ball approximately 10-20 yards. We are working on making contact, club control and building confidence. Hit 5 balls in a row.

2. Place ball on tee and take a short back-swing & short follow-through while pointing your stomach at the target.

Place a ball on the tee and take the same short backswing and then point their stomach towards the target on the follow-through. Hit 5 balls in a row.

3. All of step 2, now connect your right knee to left knee by coming up on right toe with right foot opposite the target.

Place a ball on the tee and make the same short backswing, point your stomach towards the target and connect your right knee to your left knee by coming up on your right toe. The bottom of the right foot should be facing away from the target. With Tgolf, most players execute this easily after just a few tries. Hit 5 balls in a row.

4. All of step 3, adding follow-through by dropping the club over your left shoulder finishing in a well balanced position.

Place the ball on the tee and make the same three moves and add the follow-through by dropping the club over your left shoulder. Hit 5 balls this way. The foundation for the swing has begun to develop.

Tgolf Description & 4 Step Lesson Video

Tgolf inventor Chris MacDonald in discussion with PGA Golf Professional Joe Hallett
Learn more about how Tgolf works and how you can use it to improve your game in this informative video. Featuring inventor, Chris MacDonald and PGA Golf Pro Joe Hallett, the elegant simplicity of golf swing instruction is beautifully defined.

Tgolf Gets Beginners In The Game!


Tgolf: Beginner Golfer Full Transition

This young man had played golf once in his life. Please watch how Tgolf immediately builds the correct swing foundation.

Tgolf: Live Lesson Stuns Industry Experts

Tgolf delivers instant and irrefutable positive retention results to a beginner ready to quit. We asked the local PGA pro for the worst case junior beginner. The transition is a stunning success.

PGA Pros & Members on Tgolf

PGA professionals, teachers and members agree on the value of Tgolf to improve any golfers game, regardless of their skill level!

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