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Tgolf is a tool for golfers of all abilities to develop proper balance, tempo and swing mechanics. The product's inherent value lies in its ability to quickly raise the competency of all golfers, from plus handicaps to raw beginners.
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Here's How T-Golf® is the Correct Way to learn or teach the Golf Swing!

Tgolf is built around golf’s universally accepted upright or horizontal plane drills. These swing exercises are regularly performed by the game’s greatest players and instructors. In this drill a player does not bend at the waist to maintain better balance. In fact, on the range and during PGA tournament golf you will often see players practice swinging their club well above the ground. There are many other variations of this drill such as crossing their arms on their chest and rotating from an upright position. Also, by working from a position of better balance the player can more easily isolate on “focus” areas. We have simply added ball striking to complete those drills. Adding ball flight feedback allows the player to see if they are doing the drill correctly. The benefits of working from this balance advantaged position to the beginner and expert player are immediate and enormous.

Developing a golf swing from a position of superior balance neutralizes the stress, frustration, humiliation and anxiety associated with conventional equipment and instruction. Tgolf replaces those maladies with progressive, fun, productive and fundamentally sound ball striking.

Tgolf delivers an accelerated pathway to quickly learn the proper golf swing while delivering a more productive on course learning experience. Its’ portability allows golf to be played at non-traditional venues. As a new game, Tgolf also represents an exciting on course lifestyle opportunity to the golf industry.

Here's Why T-Golf® is the Correct Way to teach the Golf Swing!


Seven Major Problems With Learning The Golf Swing:

1.  Bending at the waist causes a change in body balance. This creates the environment for reverse pivoting, swaying, arm lifting the club, head lifting and more. It is very difficult to stay centered from this position. Moving off center takes the club on a wildly inconsistent path.
2.  Bending at the waist disrupts normal body alignment. (The head, shoulders, waist, and legs are now out of alignment.) Try doing a normal task while bent at the waist. It will feel different, awkward...
3.  Looking at the ball on the ground causes the eyes' position to change from a normal "stereoscopic" perception to a "monoscopic" perception. (A pilot gave me that phrase) Look across the room normally. Now look at the ground and to the left by swiveling your head. Your eyes from the first position (normal) are horizontal and level. The second position, when the head swivels to look forward, towards the golf target, stacks the left eye above the right.
4.  The length of the club is difficult to control.
5.  The club face is small.
6.  The ball is as far from eye level as possible.
7.  The golf swing requires a body action that uses a club to hit a stationary ball at ground level to a stationary target. The golfer must create this body action because the ball is not moving.

In effect, every new golfer has SEVEN very difficult problems to deal with and overcome ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Ball striking, balance, staying centered and rotation are very difficult concepts from this “traditional” and awkward position. The “Swing Problems” listed above and more, commence immediately in multiple combinations. Players become so confused that they can’t hit a stationary ball. They become frustrated and humiliated and many eventually quit. T-Golf® successfully attacks these problems and progressively builds golfers with a simple and easy 4 step lesson. T-Golf’s portability enables golf to be learned, taught and played everywhere!

T-Golf® is universal in its’ appeal and supports all teaching methodologies from a position of superior balance.  It provides a lifestyle entry level game and a  fun, efficient, fundamentally sound pathway to conventional equipment.

The benefits of working with T-Golf
are immediate and enormous!

A Simple 4-Step Lesson for Beginners


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PGA professionals, teachers and members agree on the value of Tgolf to improve any golfers game, regardless of their skill level!

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