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Tgolf delivers a tectonic shift in the beginner golf learning experience. Tgolf immediately delivers a dynamic, productive and fundamentally sound experience devoid of traditional frustration. The idea of completing the universally accepted upright golf drills by adding ball striking is a game changer. If the player cannot execute the proper fundamentals from a position of superior balance, attempting this movement out of balance is irrational and the recipe for disaster. In addition, the on course learning experience for the beginner has no equal.

What if everyone learned how to ride a bicycle by being placed on a ten speed bike and sent into traffic? Clearly, this is a recipe for failure. The same can be said about the beginner’s experience with a conventional golf club. If the best players in the world are known to struggle with golf equipment, then why do we place the same equipment in the hands of any beginner? Many beginner players quit the sport due to its’ difficulty, the time it takes to learn and the expense. Simply put, conventional golf equipment places all beginners at a tremendous disadvantage. Those disadvantages are also “golf’s breeding ground” for many golf swing problems and more often than not failure. The Tgolf equipment helps the new player avoid the many major pitfalls associated with learning the golf swing using conventional equipment. Tgolf flips the script and gives a huge learning advantage to the beginner player. It provides an irrefutable and progressive pathway to using conventional equipment while also introducing players to the course in a fun, less demanding and more fundamentally sound way.

Why Tgolf Works

Tgolf equipment is designed to ease the beginner’s entry into the sport.  How can you make it easier to hit a golf ball?  There are three ways to do it: (1) Bigger Club Face, (2) Shorter Club and (3) Move the Ball Closer to Eye Level.

The benefits of Tgolf’s bigger club face, shorter club and moving the ball closer to eye level on an elevated tee are immediate and enormous for beginners and cannot be overstated.  Tgolf allows new players to have good form and consistent ball striking success immediately.  Tgolf delivers the advantages of ball striking, staying centered, repeating good form, not swaying, not reverse pivoting, not scooping, not head lifting and so much more.  It dramatically reduces the complexity and difficulty of learning the proper way to swing a golf club.  The equipment and straightforward lesson (below) create a fundamentally sound, fun, productive and user -friendly path to the proper use of conventional equipment.

There are Seven Major Problems With Learning The Golf Swing. Tgolf addresses them all:

1. Bending at the waist causes a change in body balance. This creates the environment for reverse pivoting, swaying, arm lifting the club, head lifting and more. It is very difficult to stay centered from this position. Moving off center takes the clubhead on a wildly inconsistent path.

2. Bending at the waist disrupts normal body alignment. The head, shoulders, waist, and legs are now out of alignment. Try doing a normal task while bent at the waist. It will feel different, awkward…

3. Looking at the ball on the ground and then swiveling one's head to look at the target causes the eyes' position to change from a normal "stereoscopic" perception to a "monoscopic" perception. (A pilot gave me that phrase.) Look across the room normally. Now look down at the ground and to the left by swiveling your head. Your eyes from the first position are horizontal and level. The second position when the head swivels to look towards the golf target, stacks the left eye above the right.

4. The length of the conventional club is difficult to control.

5. The club face hitting area is small.

6. The ball is small and as far from eye level as possible.

7. The golf swing requires a body action that uses a club to hit a stationary ball at ground level to a stationary target. The golfer must create this body action because the ball is not moving.

In effect, every new golfer has SEVEN very difficult problems to deal with and overcome ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Ball striking, balance, posture, staying centered, rotation and other fundamental movements are very difficult concepts from this “traditional” and awkward position. The “Swing Problems” listed above in (1) and more, commence immediately with conventional equipment and these problems often manifest in multiple random combinations. Players become so confused that they can’t hit a stationary ball. They become frustrated and humiliated and many eventually quit.

T-Golf® successfully attacks these problems and progressively builds golfers with a straightforward, fundamentally sound and easy 4 step lesson. The lesson establishes the proper movement and foundation for the golf swing. It provides a continuous pathway to conventional equipment and immediately gives the beginner irrefutable advantages.

A Simple 4-Step Lesson for Beginners (right-handed players)

1) Set up the Tgolf telescoping tee (without a ball) and brush the tee tip with the club using a short backswing and short follow-through 5 times. After doing this then place a ball on the tee and hit the ball using the same short backswing and a short follow-through. You should hit the ball approximately 10+ yards. Hit 5 balls in a row this way.

2) Place a ball on the tee and take the same short backswing and follow-through but now add pointing your stomach down range in the direction of the target on the follow-through. Hit 5 balls in a row.

3) Place a ball on the tee, make the same short backswing, point your stomach towards the target and connect your right knee to your left knee by coming up on your right toe. The bottom of the right foot should be facing away from the target, your weight should transfer to your left foot and your right heel should be pointing to the sky. Hit five balls in a row.

4) Place the ball on the elevated tee. Make the same three moves above and add the follow-through by dropping the club over your left shoulder. Hit five balls this way. The foundation for a proper golf swing is starting to develop.

After working the simple 4 steps a Tgolfer is ready to hit the first tee and move quickly from tee to green. The player simply replaces the ball on the tee as they advance around the course all the while executing correct fundamentals. As the Tgolfer learns a proper swing, he or she simply lowers the tee, and executes the same swing principles. Eventually, depending on the individual’s athleticism and commitment, the beginner will readily transition to conventional golf clubs without the difficulty of having to try them with no experience or swing foundation.

*** Interestingly, Tgolf’s irrefutable and fundamentally sound methodology benefits the beginner to expert player. All golfers can fall into bad swing habits. Tgolf helps the beginner start with correct fundamentals. It also helps existing players to improve and regain proper form. As an added benefit, Tgolf equipment is universal in its application and works with all teaching methods.

Tgolf Brings Inclusivity to the Game

Tgolf helps EVERYONE get into the game! Used by beginners, challenged golfers, experienced golfers or pro teachers, with a proven track record, Tgolf is your #1 choice to help you master your swing!

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