Tgolf Delivers Diversity and Inclusion

We at Tgolf strive to make golf a diverse and inclusive sport without barriers. There is no doubt that Tgolf is irrefutably the correct way to introduce players to the game.

Tgolf delivers a fundamentally sound and portable solution to individuals in areas that do not have golf course or driving range accessibility. We have proven that a sound golf experience can be delivered to parks, school grounds, beaches, fields, backyards, neighborhoods and everywhere else.

With Tgolf “The World is Your Golf Course”.

Award Winning Tgolf Delivers & Promotes
Diversity & Inclusion

Winner New York State Therapeutic Recreation Association (NYSTRA)

"Innovative Therapeutic Program of the Year Award" 

Winner Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Award

How Tgolf is a Real Game-Changer

The incredible potential that Tgolf offers
Chris MacDonald explains the way that Tgolf can allow anyone to play the game of golf. And play it anywhere!

Tgolf Opens Golf to the Physically Challenged

If you have the will, Tgolf has the way
Watch a golf instructor teach this incredible wheelchair user how to master the swing with Tgolf!
NYSTRA is the New York State Therapeutic Recreation Association. Tgolf won their "Innovative Therapeutic Program of the Year Award" for our work with Veterans and disabled. To our knowledge It's the only golf program to ever win this award in the US. 
Innovative Therapeutic Program of the Year Award

Tgolf in the Back Yard!

Tgolf is your #1 Solution for Portability

Tgolf creates a Portable Golf Game that may be played at Golf Courses, Schools, Driving Ranges, City Locales, Parks, Beaches, Neighborhoods, Corporate Outings, Gymnasiums, Auditoriums, Picnic Areas, Recreation Rooms & Everywhere Else!

PE Class in San Diego first time golfer

Tgolf is Diversity & Inclusion

The Game of Golf Anywhere .. for EVERYONE!

Tgolf allows the game of golf to be played anywhere and by everyone by offering an affordable solution, incredible accessibility to all in almost any location, and truly helps break down the industry barriers of entry to the sport!

Veteran’s, Special Olympian’s, Inner City School’s…

The incredible potential that Tgolf offers to Everyone!

A Simple 4-Step Lesson for Beginners


PGA Pros & Members on Tgolf

PGA professionals, teachers and members agree on the value of Tgolf to improve any golfers game, regardless of their skill level!

What people have to say about Tgolf

It don't mean a thing if you can't get that swing!

Tgolf in Action!

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