Tgolf - Tearing Down Industry Barriers

A consortium of industry leaders created “Golf 2020”. Their research defined consumers 4 biggest barriers to entry into the game as: Difficulty, Time, Expense and Accessibility.

Tgolf successfully attacks Golf’s difficulty which enables it to tear down each of the other barriers.

“Golf 2020” also defined the 2 top reasons people play the golf. The number one reason people play is the excitement of hitting the ball. Tgolf delivers that immediately and in buckets. The number two reason people play golf is the opportunity to socialize. Tgolf immediately delivers on course socialization. (Nothing else is close to those 2 reasons.)

As an entry level game, Tgolf removes the stigma of the beginner being “cumbersome” and playing slowly.  


Chris MacDonald on the mechanics of Tgolf


How Can You Make it EASIER to Hit a Golf Ball?
  1. Move the ball closer to eye level
  2. A bigger club face
  3. A shorter shaft

T-Golf® successfully addresses golf’s difficulty with a modified club and telescoping tee.


T-Golf® successfully addresses two of Golf’s major time problems:


Price includes shipping and handling


Conventional equipment is expensive and instantly introduces players to poor swing habits, frustration and most often failure.


Many people do not have access to a Golf Course or Driving Range. T-Golf Delivers a portable and fundamentally sound golf learning experience to the masses through traditional and non-traditional golf venues. Inner city schools, parks, beaches, backyards, and everywhere else can now be golf accessible.

We at T-Golf believe that “The World is Your Golf Course.”

T-Golf® is both the Short & Long Term Growth Solution that Golf Desperately Needs

T-Golf® Tears Down the Industry Barriers to Entry, Immediately Delivers the Excitement of Hitting the Ball & Gives Everyone the Opportunity to Play Golf & Socialize.

Rarely in life is there an opportunity to REDEFINE A SPORT. Now is that time!


Notable Quotes

…for people who want to go out and enjoy the sport of golf…if they want to use a baseball bat…whatever…I think it’s their privilege if it makes the game a little more fun for them to play.

Arnold is correct. Let’s put the fun and socializing back in the game!
This is the game’s tradition!

Through years of experience, I have found that air offers less resistance than dirt.

Jack is correct. Let’s put the ball in a position where everyone can hit it!

Just pick up a club. Don’t be afraid of it. Even if you don’t become a good golfer, it’s still fun.

Tiger is correct. Let’s give everyone the optimal chance to succeed and make it FUN!

“With all the talk among golf industry pundits about making the game easier to attract new players, T-Golf® of San Clemente, CA is doing something about it.”
Golf Range Magazine

A Simple 4-Step Lesson for Beginners


PGA Pros & Members on Tgolf

PGA professionals, teachers and members agree on the value of Tgolf to improve any golfers game, regardless of their skill level!

What people have to say about Tgolf

It don't mean a thing if you can't get that swing!

Tgolf in Action!

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