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Acclimate the student to the ball height with a shorter backswing and follow through. Tell the student to think “sidehill” lie.

Tgolf has universal appeal and supports all swing methodologies. You are simply executing the principles from a position of better balance.

Stand upright in your normal posture. Now without moving your feet, try to sway your balance left or right. From an upright position you have to change your balance to do that. Tgolf’s upright positioning forces the correct circular motion around the body.

With an elevated tee, there is no reason for the player to help the ball in the air.

A reverse pivot is when a player places their weight on the forward foot during the backswing. The upright position prevents the student from changing their balance in this fashion.

Many players will lift the club on the backswing. With Tgolf they will whiff every time they do that. Tgolf forces the student to stay on the correct swing path.

Tgolf places the ball in a higher position while also allowing the student to maintain better balance. This combination enables the student to stay in control of their swing while focusing on the ball strike point.

Tgolf successfully addresses the slow play problem with beginners. Gone is the whiffing, shanking, flailing, “fireworks” ball striking and so much more. This entry level game represents an industry paradigm.

That depends on the individual’s athleticism. The key is that the longer you use Tgolf the better your swing will be.

It’s simply easier to execute sound swing fundamentals from a position of better balance.

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