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Tgolf brings an extraordinary ability to improve an experienced player’s golf swing, translating to stroke-saving on the course and a lower handicap. Most golfers that have a golf handicap do so because they operate with swing flaws. Swaying, reverse pivoting, lifting the club, head lifting and other problems can be traced back to poor training of the golf swing skill set. Do the following simple exercise and you’ll understand a piece of Tgolf’s unique and irrefutable approach: Stand upright in your normal posture. Now try to sway to the right or left. Did you notice what you had to do there? You had to change your balance to do both those moves. By working from an upright position, Tgolf forces the correct circular motion of the swing and core rotation around the spine as part of its’ many benefits. Typical swing problems, such as swaying, reverse pivoting, lifting the club, “scooping” and other problems can creep into anyone’s game, including PGA Tour professionals. Tgolf provides the experienced player with fundamentally sound equipment to quickly address and correct these swing flaws and others.

Improve Your Golf Swing With Tgolf​

Many of today’s great golf instructors have “upright” or “horizontal plane” drills as part of their core teaching curriculum. These are drills which golfers, including PGA and LPGA pros, use during practice sessions or warming up on the range before playing. Some tour pros will actually execute variations of these drills during competition. Horizontal swing plane drills are designed to help the experienced golfer work from a position of better balance. In this position a player can more easily work towards fundamentally sound and repeatable technique. Fundamentally sound swing elements such as: tempo/rhythm, rotation around their spine, weight transfer and other foundational swing principles are exactly what Tgolf is designed to teach and ingrain. Adding ball striking to these drills enhances and completes the process. Ball flight feedback takes these excellent drills to a whole other level and completes them.

At the outset of a pre-round warm up, or kicking off a longer practice session, taking the first 10-20 swings with Tgolf immediately reinforces proper balance, tempo and turning around the spine in “tight circles” among other sound foundational swing elements. Starting with Tgolf allows the experienced player to “get in the groove” before seamlessly switching to conventional clubs.

Tgolf's telescoping tee & modified club's 3 distinct advantages:

1. Bigger Club Face
2. Shorter Club
3. Ball Closer to Eye Level

The benefits of these three advantages are immediate and enormous for beginners. The product simplifies teaching and learning proper swing mechanics and makes the process easy and fun. It allows new players to have ball striking success immediately.

A Simple 4-Step Lesson


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PGA professionals, teachers and members agree on the value of Tgolf to improve any golfers game, regardless of their skill level!

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