"The Tgolf Telescoping Swing Trainer is a tremendous advance in the world of training devices.. "

"The Tgolf Telescoping Swing Trainer is a tremendous advance in the world of training devices.. It's ability to assist any golfer with proper balance, rotation and tempo is unlike anything on the market today.."

"The Tgolf Telescoping Swing Trainer is a tremendous advance in the world of training devices.. It's ability to assist any golfer with proper balance, rotation and tempo is unlike anything on the market today.."

Joe Hallett, PGA Pro
Top 100 Golf Instructor in U.S.

Joe Hallett, PGA Professional
Top 100 Golf Instructor in America

“T-Golf will revolutionize the way people learn to play.”
Editors' Choice
Golf Digest Magazine

“…for people who want to go out and enjoy the sport of golf…if they want to use a baseball bat…whatever…I think it’s their privilege if it makes the game a little more fun for them to play.”


“Through years of experience, I have found that air offers less resistance than dirt.”


Tgolf for Veterans/Disabled
Veterans & Disabled Access
Recreational Therapists
Recreational Therapy
Recreational Therapy
Special Olympians
Special Olympians
Special Olympians

T-Golf on display at the FedEx Cup Deutsche Bank Championship

NYSTRA is the New York State Therapeutic Recreation Association. Tgolf won their "Innovative Therapeutic Program of the Year Award" for our work with Veterans and disabled. To our knowledge It's the only golf program to ever win this award in the US. 

Tgolf for Everyone
Tgolf for Everyone!
T-Golf® Tears Down the Industry Barriers to Entry, Immediately Delivers the Excitement of Hitting the Ball & Gives Everyone the Opportunity to Play Golf & Socialize
Opening up the game!
Tgolf is Inclusivity!

“With all the talk among golf industry pundits about making the game easier to attract new players, T-Golf® of San Clemente, CA is doing something about it.”
Golf Range Magazine

Tgolf Anywhere
Tgolf Anywhere!
The World is Your Golf Course
In your backyard!
At the Park!

Tgolf creates a Portable Golf Game that may be played at Golf Courses, Schools, Driving Ranges, City Locales, Parks, Beaches, Neighborhoods, Corporate Outings & Everywhere Else!

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This is the first time Tgolf was ever played!


Chris MacDonald gives a Tgolf lesson to students !


"Golf Without Borders"

Tgolf is designed around elegant simplicity and golf’s universally accepted upright or horizontal plane drills. These swing exercises are regularly performed by the game’s greatest players and instructors. In this drill, a player does not bend at the waist to maintain better balance. In fact, on the range and during PGA tournament golf you will often see players practice swinging their club well above the ground. There are many other variations of this drill such as crossing one’s arms on their chest and rotating from an upright position. Also, by working from a position of better balance the player can more easily isolate on “focus” areas. We have simply added ball-striking to complete those drills. Adding ball flight feedback allows the player to see if they are doing the drill correctly. The benefits of working from this balance-advantaged position to the beginner and expert player are immediate and enormous.

Tgolf delivers an accelerated pathway to quickly learn the proper golf swing and correct flaws while delivering a more productive on-course learning experience. Its’ portability allows golf to be played at non-traditional venues. As a new game, Tgolf also represents an exciting on-course lifestyle opportunity to the golf industry.

Tgolf delivers the ability to swing a golf club and strike a ball from a position of superior balance. It supports all swing teaching methodologies. The equipment simply completes the universally accepted upright/horizontal plane drills. It creates an irrefutable golf industry paradigm.

T-Golf explained at the FedEx Cup Deutsche Bank Championship


Who can benefit from Tgolf?


Tgolf is designed with the beginner player in mind. The equipment and simple 4 step lesson immediately gives the new golfer multiple advantages, immediate improvement and an accelerated learning curve.

Experienced Golfers

Tgolf brings an extraordinary ability to improve an experienced player's golf swing, translating to stroke-saving on the course and a lower handicap. It enables the experienced player to quickly correct swing flaws, isolate on problem areas and “groove” their swing.

Teaching Pros

Tgolf has great value to the teaching pro as it simplifies learning and immediately increases the competency of golfers of any ability, from plus handicaps to beginners. The on-course playing lesson experience is unparalleled in golf instruction history.

PGA Pros & Members on Tgolf

PGA professionals, teachers and members agree on the value of Tgolf to improve any golfers game, regardless of their skill level!

What people have to say about Tgolf

It don't mean a thing if you can't get that swing!

Tgolf in Action!

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