Tgolf Telescoping Swing Trainer

The Tgolf Telescoping Swing Trainer is a new, revolutionary golf training system designed to quickly teach and maintain the proper fundamentals of the golf swing. Tgolf is a tool for golfers of all abilities to develop and refine proper balance, tempo and swing mechanics. Tgolf's inherent value lies in its ability to quickly improve the swing and performance of all golfers, regardless of skill level.

The Tgolf Swing Trainer is composed of two elements;
(1) A telescoping tee which adjusts to position the golf ball anywhere from 24 inches to 17 inches above the grass.
(2) A "modified" driver built with an oversized head (larger sweet spot) which is far shorter (24 inches in length) than a normal club. (Head cover included)

The theory behind this progressive swing training aid is both highly sophisticated and ingeniously simple.

The product is based on the concept of the horizontal swing plane, a universally accepted, pervasive swing principle. Tgolf teaches proper swing fundamentals to the user by reinforcing proper balance, weight shift, hip rotation, and appropriate club head release. The trainer successfully corrects and helps eliminate typical swing flaws such as reverse pivoting, swaying, falling onto the back foot and "scooping" the ball. The combination of hitting a ball teed high with a shorter club prevents falling into all these poor swing mechanics. Prior to general consumer release, Tgolf has proven itself in some of the industry's most rigorous testing grounds including the PGA Center for Learning & Performance, and within the Tennessee Section of the PGA.

This new and exciting innovation in golf instruction is already being used by dozens of PGA & USGTF teaching professionals in their lessons, and by over 1,000 golfers of all skill levels.


"The Tgolf Telescoping Swing Trainer is a tremendous advance in the world of training devices... all based on simplicity. It's ability to assist any golfer with proper balance, rotation and tempo is unlike anything on the market today.and at a learning curve that is both fast and fun. Working with this system will improve the fundamental swing mechanics of all golfers, from beginners to the PGA professionals I work with."
- Joe Hallett, PGA Professional, Top 100 Golf Instructor in America

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