Tgolf Lesson

Tgolf is introducing a new era in golf instruction and playability. It has universal appeal and can help everyone from beginners to Tour Players. Every beginner through pro that has used Tgolf and followed our simple four step lesson has been a success story.

By working from a better balanced position the Tgolf equipment creates a positive and fundamentally sound environment for learning and reinforcing correct golf swing concepts like proper rotation, swing plane, balance, power, tempo and more. After the proper swing foundation is built the beginner may use the telescoping tee to progressively build "spine angle" (bending at the waist) into the swing. For the experienced player and pro the equipment can quickly iron out swing flaws and reinforce correct swing action.

The following simple to deliver lesson establishes the proper foundation for the golf swing. The telescoping tee allows the student to gradually add "spine angle" (bending at the waist) into the swing.

Tgolf's simple four step lesson

1. Set up the telescoping tee (without a ball) and have the player brush the tee tip with a short backswing and short follow-through 5 times. Place a ball on the tee and have the player take a short backswing and a short follow-through. The player should hit the ball approximately 10-20 yards. We are working on making contact, club control and building confidence. Hit 5 balls in a row.

2.Place a ball on the tee and ask the player to take the same short backswing and then point their stomach towards the target on the follow-through. Hit 5 balls in a row.

3.Place a ball on the tee. Tell them to make the same short backswing, point their stomach towards the target and connect their right knee to their left knee by coming up on their right toe. The bottom of the right foot should be facing away from the target. Demonstrate the move to give the player a good visual. With Tgolf most players execute this easily after just a few tries. Hit 5 balls in a row.

4.Place the ball on the tee. Ask the player to make the same three moves and add the follow-through by dropping the club over their left shoulder. Hit 5 balls this way. The foundation for the swing has begun to develop.

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