Teaching Professionals

Tgolf has tremendous value to the teaching professional as it simplifies learning and immediately increases the competency of golfers of any ability, from plus handicaps to raw beginners. No other product in the world delivers the excitement of hitting a golf ball faster and with more consistency than Tgolf for all entry level players. The telescoping tee and modified club give these outstanding advantages to the teachers and players: bigger club face, shorter club and the ball is closer to eye level. The benefits of these three advantages are immediate and enormous. The product simplifies teaching and learning proper swing mechanics and makes the process easy and fun. It allows new players to have ball striking success immediately.

A tremendous number of people interested in taking up golf churn out quickly due to the frustration and lack of success they experience at the outset with conventional equipment. Being handed a seven iron on the range, listening to instructions that are complicated and in a language they don’t yet understand, then spending the next 30 minutes whiffing, skulling, and slamming the club into the ground, is obviously a recipe for frustration and failure. Such experiences are repeated constantly in the golf industry and serve to drive high dropout rates for individuals trying the game for the first time.

Contrast that experience with learning the golf swing with the Tgolf Telescoping Swing Trainer. Within 10 minutes of placing our solution in an inexperienced golfer’s hands, and using the exceedingly simple 4 step swing lesson, the new or inexperienced player is getting every shot airborne. They are immediately enjoying the feel and sound that comes from making solid contact with a golf ball. They are learning proper balance and weight shift, proper hip rotation, proper swing plane and appropriate club head release. No reverse pivots. No Swaying. No rising up on tip toes. No falling onto the back foot. No “scooping” the ball. The combination of hitting a ball teed high with a short club prevents falling into all these poor swing mechanics. From the outset, new golfers of any age or gender are having immediate success and fun.

In fact, after 15 or 20 minutes on the range, many entry level golfers can quickly transfer onto the golf course and immediately experience the thrill of playing real holes. Because Tgolf provides immediate success getting the ball airborne with distance, and is highly portable (driver in one hand, telescoping tee in the other), first time golfers are less intimidated about going onto the course. And course owners, teaching pros, and marshals need not worry about new players slowing down play as they head out for the first time.

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