The Science of Tgolf

Tgolf is a tool for golfers of all abilities to develop proper balance, tempo and swing mechanics. The product's inherent value lies in its ability to quickly raise the competency of all golfers, from plus handicaps to raw beginners.

Tgolf is to golf, as Tball is to baseball. Both are easy, uncomplicated approaches for players of all abilities to hone and maintain the mechanics of a proper swing. Just as professional baseball players head for the batting cage and hit off a tee to maintain their balance, tempo and swing mechanics, so too do golfers of all skill levels using Tgolf. And just as first time Little Leaguers are taught the baseball swing using a batting tee, entry level golfers are having immediate fun and success learning the golf swing using the revolutionary Tgolf Telescoping Swing Trainer.

The product is based on the concept of the horizontal swing plane, a universally accepted, pervasive swing principle within the PGA, USGTF and global golf instruction community. There are numerous horizontal swing plane drills that golfers use, including the pros on the PGA tour. Have you ever watched someone swing with head covers under their armpits? Or watched a PGA pro on the range swing their driver at hip level? These are horizontal swing plane drills designed to help the experienced golfer find good rhythm and turn around their spine with proper balance. That is exactly what Tgolf's product is designed to do, but accomplishes with more sophistication. Our product provides true ball flight feedback which static horizontal swing plane drills can't accomplish.

The "science" behind the swing trainer is the combination of a higher ball and a shorter club. Placing the ball at a more comfortable height for the player keeps the ball in the "swing zone". The shorter length of the club reduces the "swing arc" making the club easier to control. This enhances execution of "tight circles," a swing fundamental encouraged by teaching professionals. As the telescoping tee and golf ball are adjusted lower, the golfer progressively adds "spine angle" (bending at the waist) while maintaining the integrity of the horizontal swing plane and proper balance (see picture below). Practicing the golf swing in this way engrains proper balance and weight shift, proper hip rotation, proper swing plane and appropriate club head release. The trainer successfully corrects and over time eliminates typical swing flaws such as reverse pivoting, swaying, falling onto the back foot and "scooping" the ball. The combination of hitting a ball teed high with a short club prevents falling into all these poor swing mechanics.

The Tgolf Telescoping Swing Trainer should be a core tool for all golfers to reinforce proper mechanics during their practice sessions and for warming up before playing. The product's ability to help any skill level find and maintain good swing balance and rhythm makes it an instrument for everyday usage by golfers worldwide.

Tgolf's portability and versatility allows it to be used both at driving ranges and on the golf course. When used with limited flight balls, whiffle golf balls, or perhaps even tennis balls, the swing trainer may easily be used in parks, gyms, on the beach, or in the backyard. As our registered trademark states, "The World Is Your Golf Course".

While the concept of a short club and telescoping tee seem somewhat obvious, in fact they are not. As a result, Tgolf has been granted highly desirable "Utility Patents" (often referred to as a "method" patent) rather than the far more pervasive "Design Patents" which covers the vast majority of golf products. Tgolf has successfully patented the Tgolf Swing Trainer in The United States, European Union and Asia including the State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China.


"Tgolf is a tremendous training aid that takes the complicated movement of the golf swing and simplifies how to create power and the correct swing motion. This fundamentally sound simplicity will help grow the game because it quickly and efficiently delivers the excitement of hitting the ball while creating the proper motion that is easy to duplicate. Tgolf is especially helpful in transitioning athletes into golf."
- William J Reilly, PGA Headquarters, Junior Golf Development Manager

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