PGA Testimonials

"The Tgolf Telescoping Swing Trainer is a tremendous advance in the world of training devices... all based on simplicity. It's ability to assist any golfer with proper balance, rotation and tempo is unlike anything on the market today.and at a learning curve that is both fast and fun. Working with this system will improve the fundamental swing mechanics of all golfers, from beginners to the PGA professionals I work with."
- Joe Hallett, PGA Professional, Top 100 Golf Instructor in America

"Tgolf is a revolutionary tool that we have implemented into our growth of the game initiatives for the Tennessee Golf Foundation. We are excited to incorporate it into more of our activities to attract new golfers."
- Dick Horton, President of the Tennessee Golf Foundation, Former President of Tennessee PGA

"Tgolf is a tremendous training aid that takes the complicated movement of the golf swing and simplifies how to create power and the correct swing motion. This fundamentally sound simplicity will help grow the game because it quickly and efficiently delivers the excitement of hitting the ball while creating the proper motion that is easy to duplicate. Tgolf is especially helpful in transitioning athletes into golf."
- Will Reilly, PGA HQ Junior Golf Development Manager

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