Maintaining the Tgolf Equipment

On rare occasions when a player misses a golf ball with the club head and hits the ball with the graphite shaft, the shaft itself can "splinter" and become compromised. The Tgolf driver may be serviced just like a conventional golf club by inserting a new shaft which can be ordered off the web site. If the user is interested in a longer or shorter shaft for the club, at this time we do not yet offer options in shaft length. However, the driver can be serviced like a regular club by the user inserting a longer or shorter shaft.

The telescoping tee is very durable. There is a chance that the "hinge" will come loose from the aluminum tube over time. You simply use "Gorilla Glue" 2000 psi (or some other equivalent) and reattach it. It's simple. The "Rubber Tee Tips" are actually a very durable PVC extrusion. Should the tip wear out after extended use you may simply cut the butt end off of a grip and replace it. This equipment is not indestructible. Over time the club may need a new grip or shaft. After years of extended use the tee will need to be replaced.

Safety First

  • Improper use of Tgolf can result in serious injury.
  • Set up and safe positioning are critical for safe use of Tgolf.
  • You must keep a safe distance from other players.
  • Never hit a ball in the direction of another individual.
  • Children under 16 should always have an adult present.
  • Wild swinging and fooling around can result in serious injury.
  • This is not a toy and is a serious player development tool.

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