Tgolf & Golf 2.0

Golf 2.0 is an industry sponsored strategic plan to grow participation in the sport and raise the relevance of golf in the U.S.A. To grow the game, Golf 2.0 has three core strategies.

1. To retain and strengthen the golfing core
2. To engage lapsed golfers
3. To drive new players to the game

Tgolf is extremely well positioned to be a small but important part of the solution to attract and retain golfers who will help turn the industry back to health. In the end, Golf 2.0 is focused on increasing player participation and generating revenue. Tgolf is a new product arriving at the right time in a difficult industry cycle. The swing trainer allows new golfers, from the first swing, to have fun and immediate success getting a ball airborne with distance. In doing so, they quickly and intuitively learn, as well as engrain, proper swing fundamentals. Within 15 minutes of use on the practice range, a brand new golfer is equipped to go out on the course having fun and not slowing down play.

For more experienced players, Tgolf is a tremendous tool to un-learn poor mechanics such as swaying, and reverse pivoting. When used during lessons on the range, the products ability to improve balance, weight shift, turning, and appropriate club head release, all translate to quickly tuning the swings of a teaching pro's stable of players.

Our ability to bring people into the game, as well as to prevent frustrated players from churning out, ultimately translates into generating revenue for the pro shop and club owner.

"We need to introduce our kids to the game of golf in a way that is friendly and a way that they can have some early success and stay with the game."
- Jack Nicklaus
Keynote at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show

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