Experienced Golfers

Tgolf brings an extraordinary ability to improve an experienced player's golf swing, translating to stroke-saving on the course and a lower handicap. Few experienced golfers can immediately diagnose a mistake in their swing which led to a poor shot. Typical mechanical flaws, such as head lifting, swaying, reverse pivoting, and lifting the club vs. drawing it back, can creep into everyone's game, including the PGA pro's. Tgolf is a tremendous tool to correct these swing flaws and help any golfer, regardless of ability, to groove a better swing built on solid mechanics.

Many of today's great instructors have horizontal plane drills as part of their core curriculum. These are drills that all golfers, including PGA and LPGA pros, can use during practice sessions or warming up on the range before playing. Horizontal swing plane drills are designed to help the experienced golfer find good rhythm, rotation around their spine, tempo and proper balance. These foundational swing principles are exactly what Tgolf's product is designed to teach and engrain, but accomplishes with more sophistication by adding ball striking. Our product provides true ball flight feedback which static horizontal swing plane drills can't accomplish.

Within the current Tgolf user base are numerous top teaching professionals, single digit or plus handicap players who use the telescoping swing trainer as a core element of their teaching or practice routines. At the outset of a pre-round warm up, or kicking off a longer practice session, taking the first 10-20 swings with Tgolf immediately reinforces proper balance, tempo and turning around the spine in "tight circles". Starting with the swing trainer to "get in the groove" then switching to your clubs will pay dividends on the course.