Product Design & Materials

Tgolf equipment is sourced and built to our specifications by leading Asian golf equipment manufacturers used by all leading conventional golf equipment brands. Your Tgolf Telescoping Swing Trainer will arrive via UPS shipment from our packaging warehouse in Racine, WI.

The Tgolf driver is built with a graphite golf shaft, standard golf grip (pre-formed training grips may be used and will soon be offered on our site) and a "modified" traditional looking club head designed and manufactured to our specifications with a larger "sweet spot". The club is 24 inches in length and the loft is 12 degrees which allows it to also be used reasonably effectively as a putter when playing on the course, should the user choose to not also carry a putter. The club contains a standard shaft joint allowing it to be serviced (lengthened or shortened) just like regular golf equipment.

The lightweight "telescoping tee" is made of aluminum, with a round base that is heavier for stability purposes. The "tee tip" is a very durable PVC based extrusion. The telescoping tee may be used on a variety of surfaces such as grass, sand, or gym floor.

When a player hits a golf ball off the telescoping tee, the unit will generally fall forward. Rather than leaning over to pick up and re-stand the tee on its base, it is far easier to use your foot to press down on the top of the heavy base and pop it back up into a standing position.

Using a ball appropriate for the location, the swing trainer may be used at driving ranges, golf courses, schools, parks, playgrounds and on the beach. Using limited flight balls, whiffle golf balls, and even tennis balls allow the Tgolf Swing Trainer to be used in a wide variety of settings.

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